(Last Updated On: August 28, 2022)

The tablet computer that is invented and produced by Apple is known as the iPad. It is suggestively bigger than the standard mobile phones but generally minor than a standard laptop.

However, unlike laptops, the iPad possesses a touchscreen rather than a trackpad or a keyboard for permitting the users to interface with its functions and control the device.

In addition to the apps developed for the iPhone, iPad comprises a specific set of applications designed particularly for use in it only.

Both aspects, advantages and disadvantages of iPad are briefly justified and stated in the article which suggests its high performance as the pros and cost as its cons.


iPad operates on the ISO operating system of Apple just like the iPhone. Because of this, the iPad can run and support all those applications available for download in the app store of Apple.

Advantages and Disadvantages of iPad

Being introduced on the 3rd of April, 2010, the iPad has been popularly grown to be the most desired tablet of the present generation because of the functions and services it provides.

It grants a portable experience to its users with the appropriate battery life that aids in utilizing the function of workflow variety it offers.

However, it is not all beneficial as there are several drawbacks to owning and utilizing an iPad for personal as well as professional purposes.

Firstly, the price of owning an iPad, like any other Apple product can be a fortune. Also, the iPad offers users limited options for optimization.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of iPad

With that said, you might get confused on deciding the credibility of an iPad by just the mentioned above facts. Hence, if you are thinking of purchasing a tablet for your school or work activities and are in a dilemma of whether or not to purchase an iPad, the points presented below might help you in clearing that fog of awe.

Advantages of an iPad

Digital technology is at its peak and the money or investment proves to be the major factor for the upgrade and optimization of these gadgets, applications, or devices. The benefits of owning an iPad for personal, academic, or professional use are illustrated below:

1. Stable

Unlike Android, ISO operating system offers greater stability as the developers of the iPad, and Apple is required to support only a limited number of devices, which are all based on the same general hardware.

The approval procedure of the app in Apple also aids in providing stability via eradicating the highly grievous bugs before they get permitted.

2. Battery

One of the primary things that will be noticed by the user of an iPad in its initial phase is its battery life. iPad offers huge battery life that even dominates the battery life of the MacBook Pro.

While using an iPad for office or school work, one doesn’t require to worry about charging the device for a few couple of hours. It is highly beneficial while traveling.

3. Portable

With an 11 inch display and lightweight design, the iPad offers a highly portable experience in contrast to a laptop while traveling.

Besides, most of the works to be done on a laptop can be done on an iPad. Because of this, most individuals usually prefer the iPad for work while traveling or moving around.

4. Convenient

As the iPad can help you with almost all the tasks that are required to be conducted on a laptop, it offers greater convenience than a laptop.

With an iPad, one can simply detach the keyboard and complete their task anywhere as per their convenience. iPad doesn’t require its users to be glued to a desk as in the case of a laptop or PC.

5. Efficient

The iPad’s nature of the full-screen single application is something people still complain about, however, it is efficient. After muting any notification, it grants minimal distraction.

The interface as well as the design of an iPad aids one in focusing on a specific task by limiting distraction, which enhances efficiency effectively.

Disadvantages of an iPad

The drawbacks of owning an iPad for personal, academic, or professional use are presented as follows:

1. Expensive

iPad might offer a lot that can ease the work and enhance one’s productivity. However, all of this doesn’t come cheap.

A tendency of Apple is that it likes to sell the product and the mandatory accessories separately and each accessory costs a fortune. To have a look at the price of the components used Click Here.

So, if you think to buy an iPad, stock up some additional cash for that magic keyboard and a protective case at a minimum. One of the major disadvantages of iPad is its cost.

2. Storage

The option for expanding the storage is absent in an iPad. Unlike several Android tablets, the iPad doesn’t allow its users to expand their storage as per the need.

Once the storage of an iPad gets full, one is limited to the option of either clearing the space by deleting multimedia stored in it or by uninstalling some essential applications.

3. Restricted Customization

Some might prefer the basic standard outlook and interface of the iPad. However, because of this basic standard design, some advantageous customizations aren’t possible on an iPad.

Unlike several Android tablets, the iPad doesn’t offer its users the facility of widgets, which if available would have heightened the experience of the user and simplified several operations.

The restriction and limitation for further optimization or upgrade of the devices are considered as vital disadvantages of iPad.

4. Compatibility

While some might make their peace with the limited options of customization in an iPad, there remains the fact that several applications that are available in Android aren’t available for iPads.

While most of those applications might not be of much value, certain applications would have been available for iPad, which would have boosted creativity and productivity in an iPad to another level.

One cannot find those applications in the App store. Another major issue for the disadvantages of iPad is its limited compatibility with the selective application or software.


To summarize, the iPad is the most desired tablet that lets one do a variety of operations without relying on desktops and laptops.

Using an iPad for academic or professional purposes provides one with a portable and efficient option for undertaking their tasks that many other tablets, as well as laptops, can’t deliver.

Also, with such a simple user interface, neither a student nor a businessman finds it difficult to operate, hence increasing the productivity of work.

On the other hand, the iPad restricts its users in several sections. Just like any Apple product, it doesn’t come cheap and possesses limited options for customization.

Also, since it doesn’t offer the function of increasing the storage, once it gets full, several important multimedia are the first to get erased from the device.

Regardless, I think the price to pay for all that we get with an iPad is worth a try, as it grants its user a wholesome experience for which some comprises are acceptable.

Here we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of iPad analyzing its impact on high-end customers to low-end users. Once purchased you will definitely regret less than buying a laptop.