Wind energy is one of the major clean sources of energy among biomass, solar, and hydropower. The process of extraction and conversion of wind energy to kinetic energy is carbon-free.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of wind energy, where the mechanical energy creates the electricity for the remote places where there is no reach for electricity towers and poles as well as might be affecting the wildlife around it.

Wind Energy

Wind energy refers to the use of wind for generating mechanical power. Mechanical power gets generated through the wind turbines and turns electric generators for electrical power.

Wind energy is one of the sustainable sources of energy that can get renewed time and again. Wind energy contributes less amount of environmental impact compared to other energy sources like fossil fuels.

Wind energy plant is also known as wind farms. There are hundreds of wind turbines in the wind farm connected to the electric power transmission network.

Wind energy cannot get dispatched on demand, which means they are an intermittent source of energy. It gives variable power consisting of year to year that may vary over a short time frame.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wind Energy

The wind has become one of the fast-growing sources of energy. However, let’s delve into some advantages and downsides of wind energy associated with the environment and our everyday lives.

advantages and disadvantages of wind energy
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Advantages of Wind Energy

The characteristics of wind energy include the generation of mechanical energy which is carbon-free and unlimited resources are among the major advantages of wind energy.

1. Renewable Source

Unlike other energy sources like coal, gas, fossil fuels, oils, the generation of electricity with the help of wind energy is one of the safest methods. It doesn’t emit a high amount of greenhouse gases that troubles the environment.

The construction of wind power plants is easy to operate and doesn’t prompt environmental compromisations. We don’t need to burn fossil fuels that cause surrounding degradation function wind turbines.

Wind energy is known to be a renewable and clean source of energy. Wind energy never gets run out and is always present in abundance. Hence, we don’t need to worry about the supply issues regarding wind energy.

2. Space-efficient

For the construction of the wind power plants, we need lots of land space. However, for the operation of turbines, small’s spaces can get used. We don’t need to invest in large real estate properties for the construction wind power plant.

Land used for wind turbines can also get used for other multi-purposes like farming, plantations, etc. In contrast to solar panels, the wind power plant is space-efficient.

On average, one large wind turbine can generate electricity up to power 600. It signifies a single wind turbine can generate electricity that hundreds of solar panels can.

3. Wind energy is free

Compared to other sources of energy, wind energy is free to use. People use wind energy in their everyday lives. They use the wind for different purposes like boat sailing, windsurfing.

Most of the utility companies use it for wheeling off the turbine. Wind turbines are present on both offshore and onshore farms.

advantages and disadvantages of wind energy
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There are almost millions of wind turbines operating and generating electricity for utility consumption. According to the fact of 2019, wind energy supplies 15% of electricity in Europe. Almost 341,000 wind turbines are operating in the world.

Apart from that, pilots and other aircraft operators use wind energy and work based on the wind’s direction. Most sailor needs to use wind energy to sail their boat. Wind energy is also valuable for cargo business.

4. Domestic source of energy

As we know, the wind is available everywhere on this earth. It is one of the domestic sources of energy. The supply is abundant and inexhaustible.

In the U.S, over the past ten years, wind energy power is growing by 15%. It is known as the largest renewable source of energy in the United States.

It is sustainable and is actually in the form of solar energy. The reason behind the cause of wind is overheating of the earth’s atmosphere through the sun.

As long as the sun remains shining, the wind always tends to blow to balance the earth’s atmosphere. This is one of the major advantages of wind energy.

5. Creates employment

The construction of wind power plants creates thousands of employment opportunities for people around the world. More than 100,000 workers have gotten jobs or employment in the wind power plant sector in the U.S only.

advantages and disadvantages of wind energy
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Wind turbine technicians are one of the fastest-growing jobs in America. The wind energy sector supports about 600,000 jobs in manufacturing, maintenance, installation, and supporting services. Hence, it creates local jobs and contributes to economic development benefits.

Disadvantages of Wind Energy

Despite knowing the advantages of Wind Energy, there are still some challenges or disadvantages faced or experienced. Now, let us dive into some cons of wind energy.

1. Noisy turbines

One of the vital problems seen in wind energy power plants is the noise of wind turbines. It can create noise pollution for the locals residing nearby.

It can also have some visual impacts on the landscape of the wind power plant. However, it doesn’t create a severe impact on the environment like other sources of energy.

2. Severe impact on the wildlife

Most of the wind power plants get constructed in the countryside area. It is home to wild animals and birds. The extremely high rotation of wind turbines can prompt to severe destruction of wildlife birds.

Compared with most cases related to wind turbines, it has killed thousands of birds that come near to it. Bats and other flying creatures have gotten killed by the blades of the wind turbine.

However, improvisation and research are going on to mitigate such issues. Some of these problems have got resolved through technology and the implementation of properly siting wind plants.

3. Wind farms may not be profitable

Wind farms get constructed in some windy places that are far from urban areas. Electricity generation through wind turbines is feasible.

However, its transmission from the countryside to urban areas can be a cumbersome process.  The land used for wind farms would be more profitable if it gets used for various other purposes.

advantages and disadvantages of wind energy
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There are many factors you need to look upon before taking it as a professional and profitable business.

4. Intermittent source of energy

The efficiency of generating wind energy depends upon the weather conditions as well which makes it is hard to estimate how much electricity wind turbines generate over time.

If the wind speed is low on some days, then the wind turbines fail to rotate. Hence, it means wind energy is not always available to generate electricity when needed.

In conclusion, the continuous availability of wind energy makes it an efficient option to generate energy compared to solar or hydropower. Being a clean source of energy that is better for the environment, wind energy has some disadvantages.

As the world is looking for more power and electricity day by day, with the update of digital technology, and factories. Wind energy seems to be the perfect option for the generation of electricity.

Yet, we need to understand and realize the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy and look forward to tackle its drawbacks.

(Last Updated On: June 1, 2022)