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Cellphones or mobile phones are the most globally utilized and preferred electronic device in the present world. People of every race, age, and sex make use of these devices as a means of contacting others.

Nowadays mobile phones are not just for adults but also children for upholding competition in the school, students are to be accessed to all the available information, which can only be possible with access to the right resources.

The access of cellphones in classroom is equally important for the students as it is for the every individual to keep theirs closest to themselves. The experts are divided in two factions one for the support and the other for strict prohibition.

Cellphones in Classroom

Cellphones in Classroom

Cellphones today are known to be used by most of the people in the world not only for making calls but also as a replacement for watches, calendars, alarm clock, notebook, etc.

In a way, acquiring a cellphone is somewhat common to attaining driver’s license these days, as parents offer their children with cellphones only if the need arises or if they prove themselves to be responsible for it.

With more children acquiring their first mobile phone during their school age, there increases the number of attendance in school with a cellphone. Many parents strictly monitor the mobile usage of their children for ensuring them to be on the right track.

While most of the students prove to be worthy as well as responsible for acquiring cellphones, many misuse their freedom and cause trouble to others as well as themselves. Some teachers also agree as they have been using these technology in their classrooms.

Hence, if you would like to understand the merits and demerits of using and or allowing cellphones in school, below labelled explained points might just help you get a clear insight on what should be the right choice.

Pros of Letting Cellphones in Classroom

Some students bring a cellphone to school only because of the arisen need, while some aren’t in such dire need of cellphones during the school hours. Thus, many tilt towards the support of cellphones in schools, while others are determined in banning cellphones for students.

The full utilization of the digital technology will definitely give the positive response. Here are some pros of cellphones in classroom.

1. Source of Information

With the availability of cellphones in the school, students can search up the topics or the terms that they find difficult to understand and can also look up the information on something they are interested in besides their curriculum.

The knowledge and sources from internet will enhance the IQ level of the students. This aids the students to make better use of their free time around schools such as lunch break or any leisure period.

2. Enhances Security

Parents nowadays fear more about the well-being of their children when they are in school. Parents fear that their children might get into some trouble with other students or might get harmed on the way to or after school.

So, parents equip their children with cellphones so that they can call someone whenever they run into some trouble. This purpose can be manipulated by the students but the concern of parent seems agreeable.

3. Promotes Video Learning

Most of the topics in the class aren’t always understood by every student regardless of the amount of effort put in by the teacher. The theory is the knowledge and the video is the asset which give you much improved result.

Sometimes students need to visualize what they are learning. When the theory is followed by the videos the understanding level of the student will drastically increase.

4. Internet Access

As discussed above, students in their free time can always look up something of their interest on the internet through their phones and can access the latest information regarding those topics. The access of information technology is beneficial for the students in the classroom.

With the allowance of cellphones in school, students during their leisure time can access the internet for relieving their build-up mental stress. Internet access in the classroom gives them the broader knowledge to be familiar with the world.

5. Promotes Social Cohesion

Mobile phones can help many children who aren’t so good with social interaction to express themselves through social media and let others know about themselves to move forward towards forming allies.

Nowadays, many teens are comfortable expressing themselves through social media rather than in person.

Cons of Letting Cellphones in Classroom

Because of the irresponsible acts such as using social media during a lecture, clicking unfitting photos, using it to cheat in tests, etc. of some students, several controversies are arousing on an allowance of cellphones in school.

1. Creates Distraction

Many students utilize their cellphones as a means of gathering knowledge in the school, but still many are there who find the use of cellphones to be disturbing especially when in between a lecture.

Regardless of how hard-working a student is, if they get too caught up on their phones, they get distracted from their studies. It’s the age which takes over and there will be many to suffer.

2. Encourages Cheating

Tests are a part of any school curriculum and are held frequently to know the progress of the students. Without cellphones in classroom students bring cheats with them, when they are allowed we know the consequences.

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Many students think of the test as a punishment and for making an easy way out, students if allowed with cellphones, decide to utilize it for acquiring the required answers. This will hamper not only the students but their parents along with the name of the school.

3. Expensive

Regardless of how much benefits having a mobile phone in the school brings. The fact remains that acquiring as well as maintaining a personal mobile phone comes pricey and not all families can afford to buy cellphones for each of their children. This will hamper the mental state of the children if not explained in a wise manner.

4. Isolates From the World

Getting too much caught up on the phone makes the students care less about the real world. Students tend to play games to such an extent that they spend a full day on it.

Excessive use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc. eats away the time of students and isolates them from their friends and family. This makes them irresponsible and unsocial.

5. Causes health issues

It a known fact nowadays that the blue light which emerges from the cellphone screens causes several health problems such as headache, irritation in the eyes, wrinkling of the skin, etc. on excessive exposer to that light. Addiction can also be considered as a health hazard which many students are going through presently.

To conclude, everything in this world comes with pros as well as cons which is not so different in this case too. Students desiring to pursue their dreams can get a head start by collecting information through research on the internet anytime and anywhere.

The allowance of cell phones in school does ensure parents on the safety of their children and grants students the opportunity to learn more and wide. But, having access to cell phones during their school period generally leads to distraction in their studies and might cause students to develop some health problems too.

Once students get addicted to cell phones, it not only affects their studies but also isolates them from the world, which in the long run isn’t something students desiring of a bright future would want.