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In the 21st century, the world is facing a scarcity of water and environmental pollution. Water is such an essential need for humans where one drop of it can save your life.

Water from natural springs comes with dissolved minerals such as salt and sulfur compounds. Such springs are known as mineral springs. These springs produce natural mineral water.

Benefits of Bottled mineral water

Mineral water has various minerals of elements like Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, and Zinc. Sometimes, mineral water with infused gases gets into the design. Hence it is known as carbonated water.

The commercial use of mineral water started around the mid-1700s. However, it became popular during the 1900s as the production of bottled mineral water increased drastically. Generally, water is taken from a natural source and get tested for its chemical composition. The minerals that are absent or are in less quantity gets added artificially to reach the standard requirements. Then the water is filled into the water bottles and sold.

As of today, more than 4000 different brands of mineral water get sold commercially. Due to the composition of various minerals, mineral water has unique benefits over regular water. Here are a few benefits of bottled mineral water that you probably did not know.

Benefits Of Bottled Mineral Water

There are many benefits of Bottled Mineral Water that have to be discussed and researched further for better quality distribution globally, especially to erase the death tolls due to polluted drinking water or dehydration.

Benefits Of Bottled Mineral Water

Let’s find out the advantages of Bottled Mineral Water::

1. Promotes Bone Health

When it comes to bones, Calcium acts as an aid to bone growth and maintenance. Drinking bottled mineral water that has high calcium content improves bone density significantly. The benefits of bottled mineral water are its calcium content which benefits the bone.

One study conducted by the US National Library of Medicine showed that the human body absorbs Calcium from mineral water just as well as it does from milk. It helps to prevent osteoporosis in women (a condition where the bone density reduces after menopause).

2. Lower Blood Pressure

Science has proven that inadequate levels of Calcium and magnesium contribute to low blood pressure. It is a crucial factor for heart disease. If you drink bottled mineral water having magnesium and Calcium then, it will elevate blood pressure. Ultimately, it reduces their blood pressure significantly. This benefit of bottled mineral water is not only erasing dehydration but also providing a healthy lifestyle.

3. Improved Cholesterol Levels

A study conducted in Spain showed that drinking mineral water rather than still water improved cholesterol significantly thanks to its magnesium and potassium content. People consuming mineral water during the study showed lower levels of total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.

LDL cholesterol is not suitable for health whereas, HDL cholesterol is good for the human body. One of the major advantages of Bottled Mineral water is improved cholesterol level.

4. Restores Electrolytes

Electrolytes are body fluids that contain minerals. They are responsible for helping the heart and nerves to function well, As they pass nutrients into the cells. The amount of electrolyte you take and the amount you lose should be equal.

Mineral water makes up for the electrolyte lost during hot days (as urine or sweat) by providing the lost minerals like chloride, bicarbonate, and sodium.

5. Improves Digestive Health MineralĀ 

Water with an abundant amount of magnesium prevents the risks of constipation and significantly improves digestive health. Magnesium helps to draw water into the intestines, which relaxes the muscles of the intestine. It improves stool consistency and helps in regular bowel movements.

A study in people with functional constipation found that drinking 500 ml of magnesium-rich mineral water significantly improved bowel movement frequency.

6. Beautiful skin

Mineral water helps to eliminate the sign of aging especially, from the early phase. It allows your skin to look younger and nurtures it. Drinking mineral water fortunate your skin by promoting skin’s elasticity. Skin’s elasticity prevents your skin from damaging. It delays wrinkles on your face and moisturizes it.

Additionally, mineral water reduces inflammation related to rheumatism and arthritis. Hence, drinking mineral water can be one of the best choices for your young, healthy, and nourishing skin.

7. Prevents skin disorder

Cosmetics and makeups are trendy these days. Having more inclination towards such a product can make your skin glow but allow your skin to expose to contamination. These products will lead to the elevation of skin problems in the future.

Skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema, allergies make you feel insecure about your skin. Having water eight glasses a day will allow your skin to remove toxins. Research has also proved that drinking mineral water has significantly helped skin to glow up.

Hence, drinking bottled mineral water will help you fix such skin problems and let you live a happy and confident life.

Benefits of Bottled mineral water

8. Kidney protection

Drinking mineral water helps your kidneys to function well. It helps in the suppression of antidiuretic hormones in our body. Studies have also shown that drinking mineral water can allow our kidneys to reduce calcium oxalate concentration, which reduces the risk of kidney stones. It helps your blood vessels to stay open so that blood easily gets transferred to your skin.

9. Prevent muscles cramps

Drinking mineral water helps in the loss of fluid and electrolytes. It happens mainly before and after exercise to athletes. Hence, it helps to maintain the performance of our body as it prevents muscle cramps. The magnesium contains in mineral water prevents muscle cramps and other cramps in your body.

10. Prevents from sweet cravings

Mineral water helps to develop the sensitivity of the insulin hormone of our body. It also contributes to balance the blood sugar of our body. Thanks to magnesium contained in the mineral water. Sometimes, dehydration can also cause cravings.

Drinking mineral water will fulfill your cravings for sweets and allows your body to have less calorie intake. Hence, you need to consume plenty of water on day to day basis.

11. Reduces Pimples and Heals Sunburn

Mineral water can reduce dust off your face and cleanse it thoroughly. The clean and fresh rehydration property of mineral water will allow your skin to circulate blood to every part. Hence, toxin removing property of mineral water can effectively reduce pimples from your skin.

Drinking mineral water can also heal the sunburn problem of your skin. It is way more effective than expensive cosmetic products. So, to remove damage on your skin, you can start drinking mineral water as it has lots of skin damage healing properties.

Drinking extra water during sun tanning can prevent your body from dehydration. These are the benefits of bottled mineral water to our body.