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Sprinting is one of the excellent cardiovascular exercises that stimulate your stamina and burn a higher amount of calories in a short period. It is a booster to any workout routine. There are various benefits of sprinting to the human body.


Sprinting is a part of athletic sports. It is known as running over a short distance at your fullest speed. Sprinting can get used in many sports that need running. It can state as fetching over a target or running from the opponent. Mostly, sprinting is running on a track or field with a distance of 60-400 meters.  

In 1896, the first 100m sprint appeared in Modern Olympics. It was held in Athens, Greece. Thomas Burke from the United States won the race with a time of 12 seconds. Similarly, in 1900, a 200-meter dash got added. In 1928, women’s sprint events got included in the Olympics. 

Benefits of Sprinting

Officially sprint became a part of an important event in the Olympics. The formatting of the event also changed. People used ropes to segment the sprinting lines. In 1956, synthetic tracks were in use. Then, starting blocks arrived the following year. 

Benefits of Sprinting
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Here are some of the important benefits of sprinting that will have a good impact on your physique and health.

1. Boosts Metabolism

As we all know, sprinting helps to burn calories within a short time. The great thing it helps is to lose weight even after you are over with your workouts. There is a simple mechanism related to sprinting when you sprint, you kick your metabolism allowing your body to burn more calories.

It works even when you stop sprinting afterward. There is a phenomenon known as EPOC- excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. It is also known as after-burn. The major benefits of sprinting includes an increase in metabolism rate.

As you sprint, you will go short of breath, so your body metabolism increases to recover oxygen level. Hence, your body burns a certain amount of calories as it boosts the metabolism sharply.

2. Human Growth Hormone

Sprinting helps your body to produce more human growth hormone. Along with it, it slows down the process of aging and helps to enhance tissue growth in your body. Mostly, a 30-second sprint is a potent physiological stimulus for growth hormones in our body.

The study also has said that six weeks of combined training and speed endurance training have actually helped the human body to release enough amount of growth hormone. The benefits of sprinting don’t limit only to the Olympics but to your health too.

3. Burns Body Fat

Losing weight is not just only burning fat. It is also part of gaining muscles and bones. Sprinting is one of the healthiest measures to reduce your body fats without having a negative impact on your body.

There are no side effects associated with sprinting. It doesn’t affect your muscle mass negatively. A study also found that a single sprint session can increase post-exercise oxidation by approximately 70%. Therefore, sprinting helps to improve and enhance body composition by eliminating body fats.

4. Builds New Mitochondria

The main function of mitochondria is to extract energy from nutrients to produce ATP. If there are more mitochondria in our body, the more power our body organs will gain. It helps to burn more fuel and releases energy.

It is healthy to have a generous amount of mitochondria in your body. Hence, sprinting is one way to generate new mitochondria in your body. A single 120 seconds of sprinting activates your mitochondrial biogenesis.

Shorter sprints also work for it. However, mitochondria density is affected more by the hard work you put into sprinting. The more you run, the faster you will increase the density of mitochondria.

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5. Improves Heart Health

Sprinting is not always about burning calories. It can also benefit our other body organs. It plays a major role in cardiovascular benefits. Sprinting every day helps you to lower your blood pressure. When you sprint, you put all your pressure on the muscles, which leads your heart to pump harder. It improves blood circulation. As long as your heart is healthy, it reduces the chance of heart disease.

Similarly, sprinting can minimize the heart’s workload by lowering the pulse rate and intaking in a higher amount of oxygen. As a result, the heart can pump a large amount of blood per beat, which allows the heart to perform its job with ease.

6. Strengthens Heart Muscles

Sprinting is beneficial for the heart muscle and will have a direct impact on your life. The same thing happens when you do it with your heart. It can be beneficial as the heart is one of the most important muscles of a body.

Sprinting can strengthen the walls of the heart resulting in overall efficiency. It allows your body to eliminate the bad type of cholesterol known as lipoprotein (LDL) and helps to increase the good type of cholesterol known as lipoprotein (HDL).

7. Control Diabetes

Similar to the numerous benefits sprinting gives to the human body, controlling diabetes is also one of them. The inability of the human body to process sugar or glucose is known as diabetes.

When you sprint or involve in intensive exercise, your body improves insulin action and allows you to keep your blood sugar level at a normal level. In the long run, if you can control your diabetes, you can get various health benefits.

It will help you to get rid of various diseases and saves you from eye damage, and kidney damage, keeping you slimmer, and healthier. One of the major advantages of sprinting includes getting away from diabetes.

8. Strong Bones

Sprinting is known as a weight-bearing exercise. Hence, it keeps your bones stronger. The type of exercise that forces your skeletal system to hold up an increased amount of weight for a long time. Your bones get stronger due to the activation of bone cells by weight-bearing exercises. Osteoblasts help to make your bones stronger and sharper. 

Hence, in a nutshell sprinting causes your bone to grow thicker, bigger, and stronger. Stronger bones lead to fewer injuries, which is highly advantageous for the human body. Overall, sprinting helps to make your body organs stronger and allows you to get landed with numerous health benefits.