Donald John Trump became the 45th president of the United States on January 20, 2017, by successfully succeeding Barack Obama. He formerly was a television actor, a businessman, and an author and, only afterwards, entered politics. His wealth is also comparable to that of the richest peoples in the world acquiring the position under the top 500 world’s billionaires.

Facts About Donald Trump

Donald’s birth took place on the 14th of June, 1946 in Jamaica Hospital Medical Center of Queens, a division of New York City. At the time of his bachelor studies in the Wharton School, Trump focused on Economics and acquired a bachelor’s degree in it.

Shortly after his graduation, Trump, in 1971, took over the business of his family by renaming it The Trump Organization, and by enhancing its processes into Manhattan from Brooklyn and Queens.

Donald Trump achieved so much which almost everyone is accustomed to but there are some fascinating truths about Trump that many are unknown about. Such intriguing facts about Donald Trump are presented hereafter.

1. Germophobe

Donald Trump is a germophobe and he doesn’t only dislike shaking hands but also dislikes touching anything touched by others. Trump refuses to even push the buttons of the elevator due to the fact that countless have been in contact with that.

However, Trump mainly avoids touching the teachers’ hands because those hands are most possibly to have been in physical interaction with the kids.

2. Wedding Cake

At the wedding ceremony between Donald Trump and Melania, the couple ordered a wedding cake that as per Fox News is known to be the second most expensive wedding cake ever.

The first place was taken by Prince William and Kate. Regardless of his third marriage, Trump and his bride went on a boom with an orange Grand Marnier chiffon custom made wedding cake which weighed about 200 pounds and was concealed with 3000 white icing roses.

3. The Bible

An article in a Christian article discloses that Donald Trump’s favourite book is The Bible, which might come as a shock to many of his critics. As per the article, it is Trump himself who made this claim, saying that The Art of the Deal authored by himself is his second favourite book after The Bible.

4. Romantic

His current wife Melania says that Trump and she are bonded very deeply and cherish the rare secretive instants in their lives. She also claims Trump is a very romantic person. Trump’s second wife, Marla Maples, who watches him on television, still gets teary. Since his current wife is an independent individual, they both get along very well.

5. Drinking

Listening to some of the shocking and speechless comments made by Donald Trump, many often question his sobriety which is absolutely the opposite because Donald Trump never touches alcohol. He likes drinking tea and possibly because his brother Fred died of alcoholism at the age of 42, Trump made a commitment to never drink alcohol.

6. Bankrupt

Despite all of his wealth and business shrewdness, Trump has faced not one, not two, but four bankruptcies. This indicates that whoever you may be or however you try, you are bound to face failures and progress in life because no matter the factual failures, Trump rose again with much more insight and experience and going bankrupt four times didn’t stop him from being what he is now.

7. Charity

Unlike other billionaire magnates like Warren Buffett, or Bill Gates, Donald’s offerings to charity are astonishingly too less. In fact, Trump’s contribution to his charity over 20 years is about $3.7 million which was very less as compared to the donation of The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) alone in 2007. WWE contributed to Trump’s foundation a sum of $4 million in 2007 for appreciating his aid in endorsing the festivities of WrestleMania of that year.

8. Blond

Trump’s hair has been labelled by reporters as “Burnt Cheetos Orange” and “Cigar Stained Teeth Amber”, but as a child, Trump’s hair in a photo on was a pastel heavy blond with a desirable subtle shade. Maybe because of this, he constantly bleaches his hair in the hope of getting a similar shade as the one in his childhood photo.

9. 13 Cents

Spy Magazine which remained active between 1986 and 1998, was a humorous magazine. Around 1990, the writers of this magazine came up with the idea of pranking wealthy people. The magazine then opened a checking account after founding a united and wholly sponsored company named National Refund Clearinghouse.

Thereafter, they forwarded a check to 58 individuals for $1.11, of which 26 individuals cashed it. The magazine again experimented with 26 individuals with $0.64 checks, out of which 13 cashed them. Finally, the magazine forwarded a check for $0.13 to those 13 individuals and only two individuals cashed the check. Of course, the one being Donald Trump.

10. Wine

Trump fans can enjoy the Trump wine, which is owned by his son Eric. The initiation of Trump wine took place in 2012 when Trump bought a winery where the ingredients were acquired from a 1,000-acre vineyard bought by him at an auction.

He gave the vineyard and the winery to his son Eric and elected him the operation’s president. Although Trump shows no interest in making or tasting the wine, his name is reflected by the bold “T” on the bottles of Trump wine.

(Last Updated On: June 1, 2022)