There are many facts about beagles that we are unaware of that will amaze you. They are the smaller breeds but are able to hunt jackals and wild pigs as well as considered one of the intelligent breeds. Let’s find out some basic information and the unknown facts about beagles.

History Of Beagles

The history of beagles goes back to the early 1400s as registered so far. Beagles were used by hunters in England, Wales, and France. This breed has existed for hundreds of years and is considered one of the most lovable and trustworthy breeds.

Appearance Of Beagles

Beagles head is broader and the snout is shorter, their legs are shorter compared to the size of the body. Their average height is from 13 inches to 17 inches and weighs between 9 kg to 16 kg. Comparatively, females are a little smaller than males.

Beagles have large eyes, quite a similar look like a hound. The large ears, strong jaw, and strong jaw fitting properly over the lower jaw. The muzzle is a square cut with a black gumdrop nose and has a strong and medium length neck.

Breeds Of Beagles

The smaller dog breed of hound is known as Beagle. Hounds are hunter dogs mostly used by hunters to catch or chase their hunts. Beagles’ appearance is similar to foxhound. There are two types of beagles based on their hair coat. Some have short hair coats, whereas others have long or medium hair coats. They are usually 10-11 kg in size.

A variety is known as “pocket beagles” which was used for hunts on horseback because the dogs stood less than 10 inches tall and could be carried in a coat pocket to the start of the hunt.

Beagles As “Detective”

Although some beagles are still used individually or in packs for hunting, most beagles today are lovable house pets. Beagles are also known as scent hounds that hunt through scents rather than sight. They have a powerful sense of smell and superior tracking skills.

Beagles are detective dogs, also known as sniffer dogs. Police departments mostly use beagles as their detective partners. These dogs get trained to detect or sense illegal substances like drugs, explosives, blood, currency, wildlife scat, etc.


Facts About Beagles

Facts About Beagles

Beagles are intelligent and are suitable pets for human beings due to their sizes. They have a good temper and lack inherited health issues. Here are some interesting facts about Beagles.

1. Beagles are born with whitetails

Even though most of the beagles are brown. Their tail tip is similar to a white flag. They have white tails as they could be visible when they have their noses to the ground during a hunt. These dogs have their back end described as a sword.

Beagle puppies are born with whitetails. They have either entire tail hair white or a tip with few white hairs. If you see a beagle without having a whitetail, then it must be a mixed breed. Their back end signifies their breed. Beagles’ puppies are mostly black and white.

However, after a few months, some areas of black hair gets faded away into brown color. Some older beagles lose their black hair entirely.

2. Their ears help noses

One unique feature about beagles is their ears and nose working together. Unlike other dog breeds, beagles have long ears that can easily reach the nose. Their ears are known to track or trap the scents. These facts about beagles being able to use their ears this way is amazing.

When their ear touches their nose, they can sense the smell and track accordingly. These floppy ears always get lower to the ground as they drop their head off to the ground or upon something. Hence, their ears can bring back scents to their nose. There aren’t other dog breeds that use their nose and ear this way.

Therefore, they have the best noses in the world. They have more than 220 million scent receptors. They can pick more than 50 distinct odors. Their wet nose helps them to hold and trap scent molecules for better evaluation.

Facts About Beagles

3. They have high vocalization skills

Beagles are hound dogs. They have quite good vocalization skills as they bark loudly and howls. They do so for better communication with their owners. These dogs are known for haunting when they get succeeded in their mission.

Beagles use their vocalization skills for communication purposes. They also communicate to gather their wild packs in a particular area. Sometimes, beagles also use these vocalizations to get their owner’s attraction while being playful.

4. They have jobs

Beagles get indulged in lots of human activities. If these dogs could get paid for their employment, they would be the richest among all other breeds. They are known as working dogs and often higher for working purposes as well.

They are usually known as bedbug detectors. Beagles are kept in most airports to find food or illegal things in the passenger’s luggage, to prevent foreign parasites and diseases. They also get hired as police dogs. They make a great pet and partners to police officers. They are known as narcotics sniffing dogs present in border zones, airports, etc.

5. Females can give birth to six puppies

On average female beagles can give birth to six puppies. Beagles that went through the mating process during the age of 2 to 5 years can have a comparatively large number of puppies. Their baby may weigh from 5 to 10 ounces depending upon their size, diet, and nutrition.

6. Lifespan

Beagles have an average life span of 12 to 15 years, similar to other dogs’ breeds. However, these dogs may suffer from common health problems like epilepsy, obesity, hypothyroidism, and cherry eyes. They are also susceptible to infections like viral and bacterial. However, these infections get cured through vaccinations.

If these diseases get managed with care and proper medications, they can have a long life span.

7. They don’t shed much

In general, beagles are low shedding dogs. They have short hair that isn’t noticeable when it falls. Their coats get thickened during winter. They have smooth and double-coated hair.

During the spring season, they might shed a bit more than usual. However, beagles are tidy dogs and are convenient to keep. To help them shedding, brushing their hair every day is a must. Daily grooming will remove loose hair and induce new hair growth.

8. They are known as escape artists

Beagles are smart and are escape artists. They have inherited hunting skills and always search for adventures. Sometimes, they can go beyond the fence while searching for more fun. They are one of the top-ranked escape artists among all the canine world.

They are talented when it comes to jumping the fence or even digging underground. Beagle owners need to change their barriers from chains to tall ones to avoid their dogs from escaping. They are also a good learner. Beagles can learn to open latches as well. So, owners need to make sure their latches are well-knitted.

9. Fine temperament

Beagles temper is gentle and moderate. They are also known as merry, which is amiable, neither aggressive nor fearful. However, their behavior depends upon them individually. They enjoy the company of people. They can also get along with strangers, which makes them poor guard dogs. Unlike guard dogs like Doberman, German shepherd, beagles are friendly and not aggressive to become like them. They do bark and howl, which make them considerably a watchdog. They are soft with their babies and knows how to handle them with care.

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