Blobfish is known as Psychrolutes Marcidus, as well as smooth-head blobfish. It belongs to the family of deep-sea fishes Psychrolutidae. They are present in deep-water of the coast of mainland Tasmania and Australia, New Zealand.

These fishes are usually shorter than 30 cm. They prefer to live at depths between 600 to 1200 meters, where there is a pressure of 120 times greater than that of sea level. The flesh or skin of blobfish is gelatinous and silky.

Interesting Facts About Blobfish

Blobfish don’t have muscles. So they feed on edible matters that float in front of it, such as deep-ocean crustaceans. Blobfish get often caught as bycatch in bottom trawling nets.

Facts About Blobfish
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Here are some amazing facts about blobfish:

1. Lack of bones made them inactive

This is one of the surprising facts about blobfish, that resides deep down seas. There isn’t enough food supply down the sea. Hence, blobfish conserve their energy. They usually spend their time above the seafloor to look after something edible. It is also a hunting approach for blobfish.

However, they have a big mouth and, they prefer to feed on sizable creatures like crab, pens, mollusks, and sea urchins. Blobfish lack teeth and bones, which makes them passive hunters. Also, due to their gelatinous muscles, blobfish cannot swim properly and are usually slower. So, they prefer preys that are immovable and are steady than them.

2. They have acidic flesh

Blobfish are extremely gelatinous and have acidic skin. They are not edible. Humans and other marine animals that consume blobfish will eventually die. It is similar to consuming acidic flesh. However, due to overfishing, they are more vulnerable and has categorized as an endangered animal.

When there is too much fishing, it depletes the stock of fish. There are only 420 blobfish present in the world. Another reason for blobfish is that they can’t swim around and search for food since they lack muscles.

Instead, they eat everything present on the surface of the ocean. So they consume unnecessary foods sometimes, causing the death of blobfishes. Hence, they are not considered a delicacy. They are rare and, there are more other fishes simple to catch.

3. They lack a swim bladder

Blobfish lack swim bladder. Their body doesn’t have enough organs as other fishes do. These bony fishes only possess those organs that help to maintain buoyancy without floating upward or sinking. They don’t have organs because they are dwellers of the deep sea.

The sea pressure can lead them to burst their body. Buoyancy comes from the gelatinous body. The glutinous body allows floating above the ocean floor without losing energy in swimming. Them being the aquatic animal and lacking a swim bladder is one of the unknown facts about blobfish.

4. Categorized as the world’s ugliest animal

When the Ugly Animal Preservation Society lets people decide on one, the animal they prefer to conserve and protect, most of them voted for “Blobfish.” In 2013, almost 3000 online votes got cast for blobfish. It was moreover proboscis monkey, public lice, and aquatic scrotum frog. Hence, the Ugly Animal Preservation Society gave voice to the “mingers who always got forgotten.” Blobfish is considered the world’s ugliest animal.

5. People don’t know much about blobfish

Since these fishes reside in the deep sea, People don’t know much about blobfish. They get to see hardly in the ocean. However, they are present on the fishing nets due to overfishing. Blobfish is not as famous as other aquatic animals.

There is still research going on about blobfish and what they are actually. Mostly, people say blobfish looks like one of the saddest creatures on earth. Their habitat in the deep sea level, where it is difficult for scientists to study, has made their existence skeptical.

Their gelatinous body type makes them look different underwater and outside the water. They usually die at the air pressure at sea levels which has to lead them not photographed.

6. They lay eggs as of other ordinary fishes

Female blobfish reproduce by laying thousands of eggs in the water. Most of the female blobfish nest together. They tend to hover over their eggs until they hatch them. They come together during hatching because they find steady and warm water with a generous amount of food near them.

Scientists say that blobfish evolved from those fishes having air sacs but had to compete with others for food and survival. Eventually, these fish lost air sacs and went with the gelatinous body. Hence, it made them reside under the sea where less competition for food occurs.

Facts About Blobfish

7. Nobody has documented living blobfish

Due to their rare habitat, blobfish are complex to picture. There are only a few underwater pictures of blobfish captured till now. Mostly, everything we know has got discovered from dead blobfish till now. When you see a blobfish underwater, they no more look sad. The last picture of blobfish captured is in the museum of Australia.

A remotely operated underwater vehicle spotted the blobfish. Researchers predict it is a Western Blobfish. It was present at a depth of approx: 1220 km, North West Shelf, Western Australia. This is also one of the unbelievable facts about blobfish as it hasn’t been featured alive in any social media and tv channels.

8. They are popular in memes

After considering it as the ugliest creature on the earth, people started noticing blobfish. They have become insanely recognizable creatures around the world. You can see them as cartoons as well. You can even find them on T-shirts, memes, and in songs. It also represents online humor due to its unusual appearance. A cartoon depiction of blobfish known as Blobo became popular on 4chan in 2016.

9. There is a cafe named blobfish

Suddenly, in 2016 Blobfish were everywhere. People started using it in lots of cartoons, gifs, and memes. People even opened a cafe named “Blobfish” due to its hype among the youths. Cafe owners had promised their customers to let them see three blowfishes. Their names were Lorcan, Lady Swift, and Barry.

10. Lifespan is unknown

The unknown lifespan is one of the mysterious facts about blobfish. No researchers have found about their exact life span. Researchers don’t know about their eating habits, sleeping schedules. There are yet more to learn about blobfish. Scientists have assumed that some of them live for decades. However, the fact hasn’t got proved yet. There is more to learn about blobfish. Let’s hope for it in the future.

This information on habitat, characteristics, and lifestyle consist of the many unique and untold facts about blobfish. Though they are considered the ugliest animals on the planet, being able to survive 600-1200 meters down the sea-level is astounding.


(Last Updated On: April 12, 2021)