Carlos Ray is also known as Chuck Norris, an American martial actor, film producer, and screenwriter. He was born in Ryan, Oklahoma. He has won many martial art championships and founded his discipline Chun Kuk Do.

Chuck is a black belt holder in Tang Soo Do and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He has experience in training martial arts for Hollywood actors. Norris also had his appearance in a minor role in the spy film “The wrecking crew.”

Later, he played the role of the main villain in “Way of the Dragon.” He took the starring character in one of the action films, “Breaker! Breaker!.” The movie turned profitable as well.

His second lead was on “Good guys wear black” and became one of the hits. Later, he became one of the famous action movie stars.

Chuck Norris Facts

We all knew Chuck Norris as an Action Hero who always does these martial art things and he was invincible. He could take on the whole damn military base camp without being severely injured. But let’s take a deeper look at his career and life.

facts about chuck norris

Here are some interesting facts about Chuck Norris which were never heard of:

1. Chuck Norris founded Kickstart Kids

The organization is a martial art and character development program and a non-profit organization founded by Norris in 1990.

The main motto of the organization is “Character through karate.” It brings free martial art classes to the public schools of Texas.

Kickstart focuses on the character development of kids by training them with emotional and mental life skills.

Altogether, Kickstart has helped and trained over 95000 students, with more than 9500 currently enrolled. It can be noted as one of the inspiring facts about Chuck Norris.

2. Do you know about the movie “Way of the Dragon”?

The epic fight scene between Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee in “Way of the Dragon” was real. It hadn’t been choreographed as the scene wasn’t a fully-fledged Deathmatch. However, Lee and Norris weren’t trying to hurt each other.

They have gotten trained for years. Both of them were familiar with each other’s styles and moves. They both coordinated the scene on the spot, and it went great.

facts about chuck norris

Do watch the movie if you haven’t. These facts about Chuck Norris and Lee will amaze you, and the film has been famous for the very reason.

3. Do you know his real name?

You may think Charles is his real name, and Chuck is just the short form of Charles. Nope! Chuck Norris is never a predictable guy. His actual name is Carlos Ray Norris. He got his name after his father’s minister Carlos Berry.

Norris was the oldest among his three brothers. The younger one is Wieland another is Aaron. Both of them are Hollywood producers.

4. His hometown is in Oklahoma

Knowing about his capability to perform martial arts, most might be thinking he is He was born in Ryan, Oklahoma, located near the southern border and at the smidge north of Texas.

Oklahoma is also known as the birthplace of Century Martial Arts. As long as the legacy of martial arts goes on, Oklahoma will always be one of the fascinating places.

Most of the people there are fond of martial arts. These facts about Chuck Norris just revealed Oklahoma’s martial art influence.

5. Did you know? Steve McQueen is the one who got chuck Norris into acting

Norris was one of the world champions in Karate contests. That allowed him to become a martial art instructor. He also taught a few celebrities about self-defense, including Steve McQueen, Priscilla Presley, and Osmonds.

Norris even trained host Bob Barker from “Prince is right.” Later, McQueen suggested Norris about joining the industry. After several years of hustle, Norris had a breakthrough with the movie 1983’s Lone Wolf McQuade.

facts about chuck norris

6. He is a military veteran

Did you know about Chuck Norris being a military veteran? After graduating from North Torrance High School, Norris joined the U.S air force and became a part of the military police. He had hopes of pursuing his career in law enforcement.

When Norris was in the service at Osan Air Base, he found out about martial arts. Norris was fond of knowing combat skills. He studies Tae Kwon and Tang Soo Do. Later, he got discharged from the Air force in 1962 and started teaching learned skills to kids. Here are other surprising facts about Chuck Norris, who also was a military veteran

7. Did you know about the Cobra facts related to Chuck Norris?

Norris was once bit by a cobra. Later, after few days, the cobra passed away. But, it was a rattlesnake instead of the cobra. From the shooting of Walker, Texas Ranger, there was a scene for Norris that he had to grab a live rattlesnake from the ground and count its rattles. The first take was okay, but the director wanted to take a second take real quick. Then the snake fanged into Norris and bit him.

8. Chuck Norris had his cartoon series

As we all know, Norris got hyped and popular in 1986. He got teamed with animation company Ruby-Spears. They did an animated series. Together they shot Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos. The show featured the team and the martial artist’s skills that helped them to fight with villains. The crucial villains from the show were Super ninja and the Claw.

9. He is also known as the Texas Ranger

Norris got seen beating up the bad guys on the popular show “Walker, Texas Ranger.” Today he is one of the best martial artists and a humanitarian. In 2010, Norris got an honorary name of the Texas Ranger, stated by Governor Rick Perry for raising awareness and helping unprivileged youths through martial arts.

facts about chuck norris

10. His personality

Norris is a guy with a good sense of humor. He has always shown a good-humored persona to the world. Chuck is the guy that is always willing to poke fun at himself. He is a guy of honesty as well.

In 2004, when he got asked to do a cameo of a comedy film, he passed it because he felt like driving three hours to the movie set in Long Beach, California. The facts about Chuck Norris revealing his humorous side is quite astounding.

11. There is a video game related to Chuck Norris

In 2008, Gameloft produced mobile device-based video games known as Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain. The game got based on several facts related to Chuck Norris. The game collected various internet-based facts related to Norris and presented them on a single platform.

In the game, the players are allowed to take control of Chuck Norris himself. The game got positive reviews as well. Since the fan following of Norris is vast, so they enjoyed playing the game. It belonged to the genre “Beat ’em up.”

These are some interesting facts about Chuck Norris, which we are never informed of and never searched for. We all knew him as a martial artist or an action hero who was famous with thousands of memes and social media pages with not a good reason. But after learning the other side of this talented legend, he deserves to be respected.

(Last Updated On: November 18, 2021)