The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, also known as NASA, is an agency in the USA. It is also known as an independent agency that belongs to the US federal government. The agency has its headquarter in Washington DC, United States. The main objective of the agency is to launch civilian space, aeronautics programs, and space researches.

The introduction of NASA first happened in 1958. Its founder is Dwight D. Eisenhower. NASA plays a crucial role in conducting most space explorations like Apollo Moon Landing missions, Space Shuttle, Skylab Space Stations, etc.

NASA Facts

NASA’s science has its focus on understanding the Earth through the Earth Observing System. Also, NASA is involving in advancing heliophysics through the effort of the Science Mission Directorate.

facts about nasa

Here are some interesting facts about NASA

1. The first mission of NASA

One of the surprising facts about NASA is the first human spaceflight program launched was Project Mercury in 1958. It is the mission of NASA as well as the United States. The mission got operated and run from 1958 to 1963.

However, there were some technical issues faced during the running time of the project. The system had to abort the project due to unexpected consequences. It is also known as America’s first spaceflight program. The focal purpose of the project was to determine man’s ability to function in space.

facts about nasa
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2. DO you know how many people work for NASA?

Almost 17000 or more people are working for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Most of the people working for this agency are government contractors. These employees get hired by those companies that NASA prefers working. The total workforce has a combination of various jobs related to space, aeronautics, engineering, etc.

facts about nasa
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One of the best-known NASA employees is astronauts. However, they represent a small number of the total workforce of the agency. Scientists also occupy a large percentage of the workforce in NASA. There are also secretaries, lawyers, teachers, and writers working for NASA.

3. NASA’s robotic programs

NASA has conducted many uncrewed robotic programs till now. Its first program was launching the first Artificial American satellite to the Earth’s orbit. The launching of the satellite was for research and communication purposes.

NASA also started by sending artificial probes to explore the planet of the whole solar system. It also includes grand tours to the solar system. Today, NASA has launched more than 1000 uncrewed missions designed to explore the solar system and the Earth.

4. NASA helps to operate an international space station

NASA helps to operate an international space station in partnership with the japan aerospace exploration agency, European Space Agency, Canadian Space Agency, and Russian Roscommon. International Space Station is a habitable artificial satellite, also known as a modular space station.

It is an international collaborative project. The project got established with the help of intergovernmental treaties and agreements.

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It was launched on 20 November 1998, 22 years ago from today. The program got evolved from space station freedom. The main motive of ISS was a factory, laboratory, and observations. It also works to form the base for future missions to the Moon, Mars, and asteroids.

5. Did you know about Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird?

Blackbird was a secret spy aircraft used by NASA for high altitude and high-speed aeronautical research. It got designed in the 1950s and flew in 1964. The aircraft also included SR-71A and SR-71B. The plane was loaned to NASA by US AIR FORCE for research purposes. The origination of the airship was a secret.

facts about nasa
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At that time, Blackbird was one of the world’s highest and fastest flying production aircraft ever constructed. The Blackbird was designed just over three times the speed of sound. It has a velocity of more than 2200 miles per hour at an altitude up to 85000 feet. The extreme operating environment of the aircraft made it excellent for researches and experiments. These facts about NASA show the brief history and base of our technology that we see today!

6. Did you know about the “Waterworld.”(this one)

“Waterworld” got discovered by NASA. It is known as 40 light-years from the Earth. NASA also have assumed that it contains some exotic material like superfluid water and hot ice. The observation got captured in NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope.

facts about nasa
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Waterworld has a steamy and thick atmosphere around it. It represents a new type of planet. This was one of the exciting facts about NASA when they discovered such a planet, but not to appear in the group of our solar system. It got discovered in 2009 by the ground-based M-Earth Project.

7. Lonnie Johnson’s Super Soaker Water Gun

This is one of the remarkable facts about NASA, the Super Soaker Water Gun that most of us used in our childhood. Lonnie Johnson, the former air force and the NASA engineer, invented the Super Soaker Water Gun that got massively popular.

The inspiration for a super soaker water gun came to his mind during his work time for the Galileo Mission of NASA, the Galileo Mission. He had also sent craft for the study of Jupiter’s planet. He also spent his seven-year search for the production partner of the Super Soaker Water gun.

facts about nasa
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However, he encountered his business partner in the American International Toy Fair in New York. Today, the Super Soaker Water Gun has grossed over $1 billion. In 2015, it got inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame.

8. Something you must know about the Artemis Program of NASA

Artemis program is the lunar exploration program conducted and designed by NASA. Also, NASA is preparing for the landing of American Astronauts, women, and a man on the Moon.

Artemis is also known as the era of next exploration. With the help of commercial and international partners, it is forming a sustainable presence on the Moon for the mission to Mars. The meaning of Artemis is a goddess of the hunt and the twin sister of Apollo.

9. The Apollo program

The final in the list of facts about NASA is the Apollo program, or let’s say, Neil Armstrong, you feel me. It is also known as Project Apollo and the third United States human spaceflight program. It got succeeded by landing the first humans on the Moon from 1969 to 1972.

Before the launching of Project Apollo, there was project Gemini in 1961, which helped extend spaceflight capacity to support the Apollo journey. The first crewed flight of Apollo was in 1968. During a prelaunch test, cabin fire killed the entire crew cabin of the Apollo mission.

This was the list of some interesting facts about NASA; these achievements are outrageous. The discoveries and research done by the whole team and the company are commendable. NASA provides the latest news, images, and videos of space through different satellites


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