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Palm reading, known as palmistry or chiromancy, is a universally practiced method, which dates thousands of years back. The purpose of this method is to evaluate a person’s character or future by studying palm lines.

Palmistry is practiced today by regular astrologers who counsel individuals from all walks of life. Including businessmen, teachers, married couples, and just about everyone who seeks astrological guidance on important life choices.

In Europe, the mysterious Gypsies gained a reputation for their accurate reading of the palms during the medieval ages. There are many facts about palm reading that will amaze you.

Palm Reading

Palmistry is the art of predicting a person’s fortune, future, and personality by reading palm lines. Palmistry is also known as Chiromancy and can be traced to ancient civilizations hundreds of years back. 

The specific origins of palm reading remain unknown, but many believe palmistry began in ancient India. From India to China, Tibet, Persia, Egypt, and Greece this ancient divination spread in every part of the world.

Aristotle’s work on palm reading De Historia Animalium(History of Animals) 2500 years ago. He insisted, “Lines are not in hands without any reason.”

Palmistry is viewed as a pseudoscience by scholars cause of the contradicting interpretations and lack of evidence.

Those who practice palm reading are called palmists, hand readers, hand analysts, or chirologists. This doesn’t mean that your psychology and human behavior have no effect on your life and go simultaneously.

The male’s left hand denotes what you’re born with, and the right hand is what you’ve accumulated throughout your life. In contrast, the female’s right hand represents what you’re born with, and the left is what you’ve got throughout your life.

Palm Reading Facts

Humans are desperate and manipulative, and they will be good listeners if you say about their future and life events. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, wholesome or shitty.

Although there is no connection between lines of hands and a person’s character, this tradition continues to prevail and carries a tremendous amount of significance for many.

facts about palm reading
source: canva

Palmistry considers the dimension and shapes of the palm as an important tool for a long time. Here are some interesting facts about palm reading:

1. Personality In Palmistry

Palmistry reveals a lot about your life direction and career decisions, partners, etc., and tells a lot about your personality. In terms of a person’s essence, the palm’s main lines, including lifeline, heartline, mindline, have many clues.

Not only does palmistry involve foretelling, but it can also say a lot about the current and near future. One of the interesting facts about palm reading is revealing crucial moments in your life.

2. Large and small palms

Large palms display an intellect of respect, focus on fact, technique and sort. 

In contrast, small palms indicate a lively individual, a figure of authority, or someone who understands government and the capacity to rule, power of decision-making.

3. Medium-sized palm

These reveal an all-around skill. When the fingers of medium-sized hands are just as long as the palm, it symbolizes a person who goes with people and gets on in the business—a person who can do many things well, but not exceptionally well.

Among many aspects and facts about palm reading, the size of the palm and fingers make huge difference.

4. Past life

Did you ever think that palmistry is just about the present and the future? 

You could not be more mistaken, as palmistry can also reveal a lot about a person’s past life and childhood traumatic experience. 

These facts about palm reading unveil the effectiveness and belief that this method is not just a fluke.

5. Wide and narrow palms

People with wide palms fit in with others who feel compassion and humanity for others. They can observe the other side of the point as well as their ownership. 

On the other hand, people with narrow palms are stern and demanding by default. These hands belong to those who see their failure rather than their many qualities.

These facts about palm reading explain the positive and negative effects on the individual depending on their palm.

6. Fair and cherry palms

Another interesting fact about palmistry reveals that the fair type of hand will show a self-centered nature. 

facts about palm reading
source: canva

In contrast, red hands reveal obsessive feelings mixed with annoying emotions and generous limits of liveliness.

7. Square and pointed palms

People with these kinds of palms have a sense of cause, correctness, and practical understanding. 

Square and pointed palms reflect a being with ideas of idealism and holiness. A being with this kind of hand cannot be wrong anyway.

8. Spongy and firm palms

Soft palms point to someone with a visible potential and to someone who functions best in spasms. 

And hard hands show love for work and plenty of energy. These people need to ask themselves what they want out of life and set an objective to achieve that goal.

9. Great lines

Lines on the palm are linked to one of the most important details about palmistry. The palm lines are split into 12 parts, although often only a few are counted. 

These 12 include existence line, spirit line, skull line, fitness line, celebrity line, destiny line, wedding line, wealth line, power line, gender line, journey line, and fortune line.

10. 6 major palm mounts

There are six main mounts on the palm. The rounded and elevated mounts indicate balanced and well proportioned, whereas flat mounts indicate blind spots or undeveloped qualities.

While the six main mounts on the palm (Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Mercury, Venus, and Moon) are well known to most of us. 

Some professional palmists also emphasize Upper Mars’ mounts (located between the mount of Venus and the Head-line/Lifeline junction) and Lower Mars mount (situated above the Lunar mount) between Heart and Head lines).

11. Best time to read palms 

The best time to read a palm is in the morning, not long after the subject wakes up from a night’s sleep and before he eats or drinks something. 

Time factor matters because food intake and physical activity involvement contribute to increased blood circulation, which does not allow adequate notice of the very fine lines along the palm.

12. Number of lines

There are about 30 major and minor lines on the palm of an average individual. It is deemed to be a symbol of strong fortune and luck to have fewer lines.

facts about palm reading
source: canva

13. Color, power, and texture

The intensity of the color and the texture of the lines show the consistency of fortune. This is particularly true in the case of health lines, which are long-term health indicators for a person. 

The thicker, darker, and broader the lines, the more the possibility of living a healthier life.

14. Palms broad open with fingers

It shows imagination, adventure, and difference, while palms are locked together with fingers to display law, a terror of punishment, and the nature of fearfulness.

15. Long palms, in contrast to the scale of fingers

In comparison to the extent of the fingers, medium-sized hands with long palms display the capacity of a person to make large plans accordingly and get a hold of things well. 

16. Fingers longer than the palm

Palms with fingers that are relatively much longer than the palm are considered to be bad planners. 

Even if they can’t map well, the whole thing they are doing is expected to stop. Such groups would not neglect or ignore the smallest details.

17. The Fate Line and Sun Line

The most significant line in the palm is the fate line known as the line of destiny. This line reveals the effect or influence of external circumstances beyond your control.

The presence, length, and unbroken trail symbolize brilliant luck and good fortune. A fate line is a vertical line running up the palm towards the base of the middle finger.

facts about palm reading
source: Om Kamath

However, the Sunline (which can be located on the Mount of Apollo, growing from the Heart Line, Headline, or farther down towards the ring finger) should be closely examined. 

The sun line depends on the length, depth, position, and fate line. It illustrates when an individual will achieve success.

These facts about palm reading show its mathematical and planetary objectives before going to the conclusion.

If the sun line and fate line intersect or are parallel, fame will be on its way despite external events. In contrast, if the line isn’t closer, individuals will rise to fame independent of external influences.

The various shapes and depth of lines in our hand point and express our character and personality. The changes in your lines are expected according to the life events and your nature.

These facts about palm reading unfolded the mystery of how our life is connected to our hands and hand lines.