Pokemon is a chain of videogames developed by Game Freak. Game Freak is a Japanese Video Game developer and also known as a developer of Pokemon. The game got published by Nintendo, a multinational consumer electronics. The Pokemon Company under the Pokémon media franchise is also responsible for updating the video games.

The electronic game series got introduced in Japan. In February 1996. It was known as Pokemon Green and Pokemon Red. Later, the franchise started gaining market awareness and became admired all over. There are many facts about pokemon which involves its history and some famous characters.

Amazing Pokemon Facts

Pokemon is usually known as Pocket Monsters and signifies the bond between trainers and creatures that control them. Pokemon has spread throughout, from games to toys, card games, manga, competitive battles, and even animated series.

Facts about Pokemon

Here are some interesting facts about Pokémon

1. The first Pokémon ever

Do you know which Pokemon character was first created by Game Freak? It’s Rhydon. Rhydon got created and introduced in 1990.

It had disclosed in an interview with Ken Sugimori. He was the first original designer for the first generation Pokemon tiles. However, Rhydon got categorized at 112th place in the Pokedox. The interview also revealed that before, original designs of Pokemon used to get based on dinosaurs.

Hence, it explains Rhydon’s dino characteristic. Rhydons are huge and resemble both dinosaurs and rhinoceros. It is a ground and rock type Pokemon. It is strong against fire, poison, electricity, etc.

Facts about Pokemon
source:: devian.art

2. The only Pokémon that can develop

In the whole Pokemon series, Slowbro is the only character that can go back to its previous life. The creature evolves from Slowpoke, starting from level 37 of Pokemon generation 1. Slowpoke became Slowbro when a Shellder latched on its tail. Slowbro belongs to the category of Hermit Crab. They are oblivious and have their tempo. It prevents from becoming confused and avoids falling for taunts.

Facts about Pokemon
source:: ghostorbit

3. Wailord is lighter

Most of the Pokemon lovers must have seen Wailord in the series. It is indeed the enormous creature in Pokemon. It is about 14.5 meters. However, despite its size, Wailord is way too lighter than you think. It can easily float in the air due to its lower density. It weighs only 398 kgs, comparing with the BMI rate, it is at 1.9.

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Wailord got introduced in generation 3 of Pokemon. Wailord got to evolve from Wailmer at level 40. Wailord has good stats, known to have the best decent attack stats. However, it has slow speed and unpleasant defenses.

Facts about Pokemon
source:: pokemon wiki

4. Poliwag is a representation of real animal

Most of you must have seen Poliwag. Well, they got introduced based on real animals. It’s a tadpole that has translucent nature. You must have seen the water type matter on the stomach of Poliwag. Its Japanese name is Nyoromo. The spiral drawing on Poliwag’s body represents the intestines of the real-life tadpole.

Poliwag got introduced in generation 1 of the Pokemon series. Later, it gets evolved into Poliwhirl, starting from level 25. Again, Poliwhirl changes into Poliwrath when it gets exposed to a Water Stone. However, Poliwag is common and found almost everywhere. For that, you need to determine the right place to fish them.

Facts about Pokemon
source:: pokemonpets

5. Did you know about Pikachu and Meowth?

Both of them are complete opposites. Meowth holds 52 numbers in Pokedox whereas, Pikachu holds 25. Both of them represent real animals. Pikachu is a mouse, and Meowth is a cat. As in real-life, Mouse and Cat can never be friends.

The same thing got portrayed in the Pokémon series. Pikachu is a part of good people whereas, Meowth belongs to the gang of the criminal organization known as Team Rocket. These facts about pokemon show how brilliantly each and every character is portrayed with unique features. These facts about pokemon show why it’s considered a semi-realistic concept that is accepted globally.

Facts about Pokemon
source:: thunderbolt

6. The second best-selling franchise

Pokemon has always maintained to become the best-selling franchise of all time. Today, it belongs to the top 25 highest-grossing media franchises worldwide. Pokemon has generated $92.121 billion in revenue. It has beaten out other franchises like Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, and even Marvel.

Pokemon has served different age groups, and there has always been a worldwide craze for it. As of December 2018, Pokemon covers almost 84% of market shares. Also, Pokemon Go has hit $1 Billion as a lifetime revenue exceeds $4 Billion. Hence, it’s one of the largest profit-making franchises in the video game industry.

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7. Who is the Cocoon Pokémon?

Metapod is known as Cocoon Pokemon. It is a bug type of Pokemon that got introduced in generation 1. It can shed skin. At the Cocoon stage, Metapod is waiting to evolve. They belong to egg groups. At the beginning stage, it becomes hard-shelled, motionless, and steady to avoid attacks.

Later, it gets generated from a Cater pie. Its body is crescent-shaped with lots of segments. The height of a Metapod is usually 2 feet 4 inches. The evolution of the Metapod starts from hardening its shell as much as possible to protect its soft body. They are vulnerable to fire.

8. Each Spinda are different

In Pokémon, you can see Spindas forming different patterns. It can produce spots with random patterns. Its patterns get determined by its personality values.

There are almost 4,294,967,296 different variations of Spinda. It also got categorized on the list of unique Pokémon. However, they aren’t as exclusive as other popular Pokedox. Spinda is known as the reward for spinning a Poke stop and able to make “five great curveballs.” There are altogether nine Spinda in Pokemon Go. However, Spinda is also known as bad Pokemon. It is hard to catch Spinda in Pokemon GO.

9. Did you know about Wobbuffet’s main body?

They are Decoys and belong to Psychic-type Pokemon. They got introduced in generation two of the Pokemon series. They have an ability known as Shadow Tag.

Its hidden ability is Telepathy. They are on the good books of Pokemon GO. However, they cannot initiate the fight first. It can only replicate other attacks for more damage. Wobbuffet’s main body is simply an inflatable decoy.

Wobbuffet is also known as “Patient Pokemon.” It uses the tactic of waiting to get hit so they could bounce back, resembling a punching bag. These facts about pokemon wobbuffet are interesting and jaw-dropping.

These are some amazing and unknown facts about pokemon. This article shows you the evolution of the company as well as the characters used in this series. It is widely loved and followed by millions of users globally.




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