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It is completely obvious that the Bible is the best-selling book in the world (168,000 Bibles are sold in the US every day). It’s pretty amazing! And many more facts about the Bible are described in this article. God’s Word is awe-inspiring and life-changing. In this bleak world, it is a ray of hope.

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All the reasons for the celebration of Good Friday, Easter, Eve, and Christmas are mentioned in the bible. Beyond its central message, the Bible contains a wealth of fascinating information. Here’s a running list of very fascinating facts about the Bible. Have a look: 

Bible Facts

Here are some of the interesting bible facts that will surprise you.

1. Written in three languages

Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek are the languages used in Bible. The majority of the Old Testament was written in Hebrew, the language of the original readers.

Aramaic was used to write a few passages in the Old Testament (looking at you, Ezra and Daniel). The New Testament was written in Greek, which was then the most widely spoken language.

2. 17 historical books

Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 King, 2 Kings, 1 Chronicle, 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther are the 17 historical books of the Bible. These books set the stage for the Old Testament’s historical events.

3. The Bible Must Not be Stolen

One of the most well-known Bible truths is that it is the best-selling book of all time—approximately 25 million copies are sold annually in the United States alone—but did you realize that it is also the most commonly shoplifted?

Certain readers, it seems, catch it before they get to the Ten Commandments! It turns out that everyone is violating the Commandment by stealing these tiny but popular objects. This is one of the most interesting facts about the bible because it is the most stolen book.

4. Source of Many Common Phrases

Finally, the first official English-language Bible was well worth the wait. The impact (and beauty) of the King James Bible, which was published in 1611, cannot be overstated.

These facts about the bible also state how the phrases were being used in the common talks as a vocabulary.

The King James Bible’s “crystalline prose…continue[s] to echo in our language,” as the late essayist (and popular atheist) Christopher Hitchens once put it: “‘When I was a child, I spake as a child’; ‘Eat, drink, and be merry; ‘From strength to strength’; ‘Grind the faces of the poor; ‘salt of the earth’; ‘Our Father, which art in heaven.’

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5. More Than 40 Authors

This can be considered one of the surprising facts about the bible. The heroes of the Jewish and Christian religions are historically credited with writing the Bible’s books. The first five books of the Bible are credited to Moses, and most of the prophets’ books are named after them, among other things.

Of course, the truth is a little more complicated. Moses didn’t write every word of Genesis–Deuteronomy since he died before any of the events took place! And there’s a fair chance Jonah didn’t write Jonah, and Isaiah may have received some assistance over the years, and so on.

6. The “Wicked” Bible

A “wicked bible” claimed that “thou shalt commit adultery,” rather than “thou shalt not commit adultery,” due to a typographical mistake. This Bible, which was published in 1631, is also known as an “adulterous Bible” or the “sinners’ Bible.” The publication was fined and all of their printing licenses were canceled.

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In 2008, the wicked bible made its first appearance on the internet. The book’s current value has risen to $100,000. The wicked bible was soon discarded and destroyed in large quantities, with just a few copies remaining today. These facts about the bible can be considered as wicked one.

7. Derived From the Greek word “Ta Biblia.”

The word “Bible” is derived from the Greek word “Ta Biblia,” which means “books” or “scrolls.” The word comes from the ancient city of Byblos in Lebanon, which served as the ancient world’s official supplier of paper. 

8. The Longest Term in the Bible is “Mahershalalhashbaz.”

The longest word in the Bible is “Mahershalalhashbaz,” which appears in Isaiah 8:3. Mahershalalhashbaz implies “Swift is the spoils, speedy is the plunder.” Mahershalalhashbaz was the name given to the prophet Isaiah’s second son.

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9. China is the World’s Leading Producer of Bibles.

Year after year, the Amity Printing Company in Nanjing, China, continues to manufacture Bibles. With over 600 workers, China is actually the world’s largest manufacturer of Bibles. This is also one of the surprising facts about the bible as we never thought China would be the one.

10. The Old Testament took over 1,000 years to complete.

In history, it took over 1,000 years for the Old Testament to be completed. Meanwhile, the New Testament Word of God took 50-75 years to complete. As the belief goes, God wanted it written by different people in different points of history.

11. The Old Testament is followed by all major religions.

The Old Testament is followed by the world’s major religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Yes, Islam is a devout follower of the Old Testament. When it comes to the New Testament, however, there are several variations in viewpoints.

Knowledge is the key and understanding conscience is a must. All the religions are the same and what they say are also the same just our perspective are different. These facts about the bible are enough to justify why all is one or all is the same.

12. The Bible has 12 prophets

The Old Testament was influenced by the twelve prophets of the Bible. Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi are some of the prophets mentioned in the Bible.

The 12 prophets are addressed as apostles and other followers as a disciple. The major differences between apostles and disciples are stated in this article.

13. The Bible was written by People From a Variety of Professions.

Kings penned parts of the Bible. Half of the Psalms, a significant portion of Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes seem to have been written by royalty. 

Farmers, fishermen, a tentmaker, homeless prophets, a doctor, skilled scribes, vocational singers, pastors, and others wrote other sections of the Bible. These facts about the bible show how the knowledge was scattered and later was bound together in a single book.

14. The Bible contains at least 185 songs.

The book of Psalms contains about 150 of these. (I say “around” because there is some question about whether or not a couple of the separate Psalms were intended to be sung as a single Psalm.) 

People will sing songs about God or the events around them in both the Old and New Testaments. And that’s only if you count the sections of Scripture labeled “song,” “psalm,” “dirge,” or “chant” as “song,” “psalm,” “dirge,” or “chant.”

15. In North Korea, there are free “Bible parachutes.”

The Bibles were “illegally” parachuted into North Korea by some concerned organizations. When discovered, authorities shoot down each balloon and arrest the locals who will pick up the book.

The government warns people that these balloons are loaded with poison, but some residents are willing to take a risk of obtaining a copy. These facts about the bible may raise our eyebrows but as the saying goes “people want that which they do not get.”

16. Most read book is Bible

As of 2020, the Bible was translated into 700 languages and the New Testament into 1,548 languages.

These are some interesting facts about the bible we all need to know. This book provides lots of knowledge that will benefit the readers. Depends on how you consider looking at the perspective of each verse. The bible is the religious and holy book that teaches you the way of simple living.