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Kevin Gates is an American rapper, singer, and entrepreneur. Kevin Gates is famous for his autobiographical theme songs and successful career as a contemporary singer in America with several hits. 

After various struggles and hard work his debut album was released in 2016 and went up to number two on US Billboard 200 chart. Kevin Gates quotes are motivational sayings that hold his personal journal of life full of highs and lows, failure, and success.

Kevin Gates

Kevin Jerome Gilyard was born on February 5, 1986, to a Puerto Rican mother and an African American father. His father left when he was a child and reunited as during teenager but died soon from AIDs when he was 14 years old.

Kevin Gates’s neighborhood, society, and childhood revolved around crime, violence, betrayal, and suffering. Those hard times filled with up and downs were a life lesson for him that taught him about depression, love, and respect.

Kevin spent multiple times in prison, during his teenage for various crimes. Having troubled times didn’t distract or deviate him from his passion for being a successful contemporary singer/ rapper in American Music Industry.

Gates started his career in 2007 and got recognition along with Bossie Badazz and Webbie. Gates was arrested in 2008 and had to spend 31 months in prison which affected his career.

After the jail time, Gates got attention and platform in 2014-15 when he signed with Atlantic Records and started his own record label Bread Winners’ Association.  

Kevin Gates Quotes

Continuing his journey with the songs related to depression, pain, anger, betrayal, music, success, and life all his lyrics got the praise. Kevin Gates is also known as an influencer and entrepreneur with this various sayings and quotes on life and success.

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As he has experienced many ups and downs in his life. This amazing collection of Kevin Gates quotes is very inspiring and fruitful.

Success Kevin Gates Quotes

Kevin Gates saw many downfalls and pain in his childhood and adulthood. The downfalls never stopped him from dreaming, here are some of the most influential Kevin Gates quotes about success.

1. “Jail and the streets go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. They coincide.” 

2. “When you stand for something, you’ve got to stand for it all the way, not halfway.”

3. “I don’t really like talking. I like to execute. I’m not a talking person. I’m an action person.” 

4. “I’m a big skeptic so I won’t just go off what an individual may tell me. I gotta do the research. I’ma get different literature on that one subject and just compare and contrast. I do my own selective studies.”

5. “To inform, to improve, to make better, and I believe that’s what my first daughter did to me, so I named my first album after my first daughter.”

6. “Knowledge is provided but only to those who need to know.” 

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Kevin Gates Quotes About Life

7. “You can’t make everybody else happy and still stay on top.” 

8. “Out my window, I see everything I dream about and wished I had.” 

Kevin Gates Quotes

9. “Wealth is not of the pocket. It’s of the heart. It’s of the mind. I live like that. You could give me a fish and feed more for a day, but if you teach me to fish, you’ve fed me forever. So that’s my philosophy with it all.” 

10. “Life is about conduct and how we conduct ourselves. But two wrongs never make a right.”

11. “I believe that life is a journey and for me to tell you my plans; things never go according to plan.”

12. “When you come up in the slums, having nothing makes you humble.” 

13. “You can learn from a dummy. You can watch a dummy and learn what not to do. I’ve always been an observant individual.” 

14. “Breathing is so important with physical activity, then how much more important is it with psychological activity?”

15. “Every time the leaves are changing, it’s the loneliest time of the year.”

16. “I have trust issues with allowing other individuals to know my innermost secrets for fear of how I may be viewed. Everyone has this.” 

Kevin Gates Love Quotes

Gate’s relationship is filled with trials and triumphs. Even though he had been in a relationship with his wife for 18 years, they only lived together as a couple for six years.

Here are some Kevin Gates quotes about a relationship that he learned from his life lessons.

17. “When you follow your heart, you always win!” – Kevin Gates Love Quotes

Kevin Gates Quotes

18. “I love God, I love everybody else around me as myself, and I love my enemy.” – Kevin Gates Love Quotes

19. “The ones that hate you most tend to be the people you know.” – Kevin Gates Love Quotes

Kevin Gates Quotes

20. “To be honest, I am not looking to be romantic, already got someone at home.” – Kevin Gates Love Quotes

21. “Loves a battlefield, it’s not a one-night stand.” – Kevin Gates Love Quotes

Kevin Gates Love Quotes

22. “You have to be intimate with a person to know that person.” – Kevin Gates Love Quotes

23. “Some may consider this a problem—I easily fall in love.” – Kevin Gates Love Quotes

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24. “Fall in love fast, make sure I handle it delicately.” – Kevin Gates Love Quotes

25. “Some’ll say life is a gamble, which means love is a casino. Everybody just playin’ to win.” – Kevin Gates Love Quotes

Kevin Gates Love Quotes

26. “I like where we at now, but I’m in love with where we going.” – Kevin Gates Love Quotes

27. “My life is a sacrifice but I don’t care for it. Because this sacrifice is for those who love me, it is not for me.” – Kevin Gates Love Quotes

Kevin Gates Quotes

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Kevin Gates Quotes For Motivation

With fame comes greater responsibility. Gates has been part of several controversies on numerous occasions. 

The success and failure stories are mentioned in the following Kevin Gates quotes which are his own words.

28. “I’ve had good times and I’ve had bad times and I reminisce, maybe when I lay down, but throughout my day I keep myself engulfed in whatever moment I’m in because it could steer me into a depressed state.” 

29. “Use the things that make you angry⁠⁠ as fuel to make you better.” 

30. “My daily conversation—it consists of hustle. Grinding from the bottom, sick and tired of the struggle.”

31. “A vision without action is merely a dream. Action, it’s the grind, it’s the hustle, it’s the persistence.”

Positive Kevin Gates Quotes

32. “I can’t say any artist inspired me, because I’m inspired by the things that go on around me.” 

33. “I don’t sleep much. I don’t sleep much—I work, I work, I work.”

34. “I came in the game with a different attitude than I have now. And I had to grow. I had to mature. In that growth and in that maturity, that point of maturity I realized that, ay, the people that interview me, we really only having a conversation. And they are not from the same walk of life that I am, so my life is super interesting to them.” 

35. “The struggle is real, but it doesn’t last forever.” 

Positive Kevin Gates Quotes

36. “I’m inspired by everything that goes on around me. I’m a sponge. I’m very analytical. I notice the things that most people don’t notice.” 

Positive Kevin Gates Quotes 

The never give up attitude of Kevin Gates made it possible for him to have a successful career. Never thinking about failure and criticism but working on his own passion and ability provided him the fame and motivation.

37. “It’s about really really being who you are as an individual and not apologizing for it, that’s what it is.” 

Positive Kevin Gates Quotes

38. “I can feel the growth from my first mixtape to now. On every song, I want to give you a piece of who I am as an individual.” 

39. “When trying to destroy you, they destroy themselves in the process. Fuck em’. Work harder!” 

40. “I don’t give anyone a reason to hate me, they create their own drama out of pure jealousy. Keep ears open, mouth closed.” 

41. “Don’t get mad at me for being the best of what I was created to be.”

42. “If I told you I was different, would you understand the difference?” 

Kevin Gates Quotes
Kevin Gates Quotes

43. “I experience great hurt, this hurt allows me to know I’m alive.”

44. “Anything lost, can be found again⁠—except for time wasted.”

Kevin Gates Quotes

Kevin Gates Quotes On Deep Thought

Gates has stated some facts and saying about the reality of life and thought. They cannot be proved through a discussion but felt through realization. Here are some deep thoughts in the following quotes from Kevin Gates.

45. “I have trouble with letting go. That’s my problem. Anybody that has extreme highs and extreme lows is bipolar to any psychologist and that’s not necessarily the truth.” 

46. “Without an understanding of bad, how can one truly have an appreciation of good?” 

47. “If I tell the truth about me, what can the world say? I’d love to be accepted, but I’m not seeking acceptance. If you are a fan, it’s because you’re a fan of who I am psychologically, emotionally, and individually. The world can relate to a human being more than it can relate to a superstar.” 

48. “I’m nowhere close to perfect, of this I’m sure, but God is!” 

49. “Or help them get to the root of the problem. Or help them find out what the problem is. Because the problem lies with self, and a lot of times we don’t look inward as individuals. We always look for something else as a substitute—as a pacifier. You have to look at self first.”

50. “If you associate yourself with peer pressure or complacency, you’re destined for failure.” 

51. “Whatever an individual chooses to do with themselves, long as it doesn’t affect me and they’re respectful with it, I don’t care what they do. Because I’m not perfect and I have flaws, so who would I be to be judgmental?” 

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Kevin Gates Quotes About Life

These are some of the famous quotes from Kevin Gates saying colleciton that has been shared and liked. Gates has learned more from his life and incidents which he has quoted as:

52. “If you get separated from the person you love, then you may be faced with loneliness. Then the feelings you will experience will change you completely.”

53. “It is illegal to steal my feelings and leave.” 

54. “I just always wanted to study human behavior because every psychologist that I would talk to would tell me I was bipolar, and I know I’m not bipolar, so I had to perform a psychoanalysis on myself to find out that I have unresolved grief.” 

55. “I have respect for every man that demands your respect.” 

56. “The energy in the daytime is so different because everyone is so unhappy and depressed and you can pick up on that energy psycho-kinetically. So I like to come out at night. Everything’s settled, you can see more.” 

57. “I put my flaws on the front street. So the world accepted my flaws, so I don’t have any flaws.” 

58. “I got it out that mud, ain’t nobody ever gave me nothing.”

59. “I don’t have a religion. I ain’t nothing wrong with the church as long as they selling chicken. Cause I read the Quran, I read the Kabbalah, I read the Bible. They all got the same three basic principles: Love God, love your neighbor as yourself, and…As far as me being, I live by those principles.” 

60. “Don’t let nobody know that you are a monster. Keep it on the tuck and then surprise ’em.”

61. “Without true pain, one could never know true happiness.”

Kevin Gates Quotes About Music

Gates is a musician and a music lover, and an enthusiast. He experimented with his music which gained him huge success in a short time. These Kevin Gates quotes express his love for life and music.

62. “I’m a perfect imperfection. My craft has been perfected. I just need affection, emotionally. I’m an introvert but it comes off as aggression.”

63. “I love to make music, I love to get tattoos. That’s just what I love. If I wasn’t getting paid, I’d still do it.”

64. “My music is incredible. I don’t know what to call it because I’ve yet to see an artist display the different talents I display or create the different genres that I have created; from rock and roll to heavy metal to soft rock to rap to country. I display so many styles. That’s why they love me.” 

65. “You don’t know how much you love something until you can’t do it. That’s one thing I can say that I learned. I learned how much I love music.” 

66. “The things that are most difficult for me to put into words and speak about, I put into my music. I’m just super passionate about my craft and super passionate about what I do.”

67. “I don’t pay attention to sales because it’s not about that for me. It’s about the music. Music is all I have.” 

Kevin Gates Quotes

68. “I suffer from depression. Severe cases of it. Not one case of depression, not a severe case, but severe cases of depression. Music is my only outlet, it’s therapeutic to me. It’s a release. It’s how I vent emotionally.”

69. “I suffer from deep depression, so my only release is music.”

70. “I could care less about the particular. I like to make music.” 

71. “I always had music growing up, but the music was also like a journal. It was like my personal diary or personal journal. A lot of the things I couldn’t express to an individual, I would express them in my music.”

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Deep Kevin Gates Song Quotes

72. “If I had to I would do it again

My partner died but on my arm he still lives

I wear my heart on my skin, can’t forget where I been

You gave me scars

Beautiful scars” – Kevin Gates Song Quotes, “Beautiful Scars”

73. “The moment you follow your heart

Keeping the faith even when it get dark” – Kevin Gates Song Quotes, I Don’t Get Tired

“Anything lost, can be found again, except for time wasted

A vision without action is merely a dream

It’s the action, it’s the grind, it’s the hustle, it’s the persistence” – Kevin Gates Song Quotes, “Wish I Had It”

74. “Hoes only know that you a lie

Stunt on all ten like you a tall one

One thing you are not is a coward” – Kevin Gates Song Quotes, “Had Too”

75. “Full time father, full time artist

Asked God, he said “Grind harder”

Learn from every time you ever fail

If it never fail just grind smarter

Iron sharpens, you the dagger” – Kevin Gates Song Quotes, “I Don’t Get Tired”

76. “Only meaning one thing, don’t get tired, I go hard

Don’t play with the hustle, you eat or you starve

Don’t mimic pretenders, just be who you are

Ain’t never change, been like this from the start” – Kevin Gates Song Quotes, “I Don’t Get Tired”

77. “Ay, you could be so used to somethin’, man

You know everyday you grow, everyday you changin’

And I never tried to change on you but it’s just like

I had to do it by myself for so long to where when you come back into my life it just don’t feel right like

Feel like somethin’s missin’

And you feel like – you just feel different

So you gotta forgive me if I act strange wit’chu

Never changed wit’chu” – Kevin Gates Song Quotes, “Find You Again”

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Kevin Gates Quotes Lyrics

78. “You could leave with me if you’d like

You the baddest in the buildin’

My money super right”

“Baby you’re a rider and I love when you ride it slow.” – Kevin Gates “In Da Building” Lyrics

79. “What if God is one of us (What if God is one of us)

Just a thug like one of us (Just a thug like one of us)

Getting it out the mud like one of us (Out the mud)

Making calls to the plug like one of us” – Kevin Gates, What If When I’m alone in my room

80. “Say I’m Free to Love – take a look inside

And you could see that love’s a raging fire” – Kevin Gates “Free To Love” Lyrics

81. Sometimes I stare at the wall

And in the back of my mind

I hear my conscience call” – Kevin Gates, Imagine That

82. “They say my life is amazing

Funny been a question kinda wonder how I made it

Forest Gump and I got something in common

The world treat you different when brilliant” – Kevin Gates, Perfect Imperfection

83. “If you get in the way, I want to clean up brigade

Beat up your face

No surrender, me no run away”

“I’m so in love with these streets, sometimes I wear my heart on my sleeve, I’m a G, I” – Kevin Gates “Get In The Way” Lyrics

84. “I can’t even trust my heat, ’cause sometimes that b*tch jams

And everybody that I meet swear that they gon’ hold it down

And every b*tch I thought I loved took my heart and went crash

And every time I was away, she had dealings with the past” – Kevin Gates, No Trust

85. “Don’t worry, I’m just in my feelings

It’s not a bad thing bae

It’s nice to have someone that understands me bae

‘Cause we’re the real thing bae

I really love the fact that you can feel me bae” –Kevin Gates Lyrics, “In my feelings”

86. “Hardships losing me

Fake friends using me

Coke game abusing me

Or maybe it’s my pride

I’m like inside I got this drive” – Kevin Gates Lyrics, “Find My Way” Lyrics

87. “Steady looking at God

Trapped in these ways

Rap to get paid

Or death and get sprayed” – Kevin Gates Lyrics, “Game Tight” 

88. “Through all the times in my life

Through all the things that’s not right

I need to know

Who’s got love for me?” – Kevin Gates Lyrics, “Who Got Love” 

89. “I got two phones, one for the plug and one for the load

I got two phones, one for the bitches and one for the dough” – Kevin Gates Lyrics, “2 Phones” 

90. “Feel like I’m trapped in the ghetto where we live, grimey

But dear God please, watch over my empire

Cold heart, live, bitch shit, spit fire

But dear God please, watch over my empire”

“Relationship, love hate, two mistakes can’t budge fate” – Kevin Gates Lyrics “Empire” 

91. “We healin’ now

Askin’ God to cleanse my scars and turn my pain into passion

Forgave myself for past mistakes, I’m not afraid to look backwards” – Kevin Gates Lyrics, “Dreka”

92. “Satellites, satellites

Never really made love, but she gon’ get it right

Emotions probably telling her she could stay the night” – Kevin Gates Lyrics “Satellites” 

93. “Diamonds really diamonds

And I’m shining bright ’cause I’m really grinding” – Kevin Gates Lyrics, “Really Really”

Kevin Gates Quotes One-Liner

These are the one-liner from Kevin Gates quotations that can be used and shared as a post in your social media feeds like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

94. “If it matters to you, pursue it aggressively.”

95. “Loyalty is hard to find; trust is easy to lose.” 

96. “Never break or fold, that’s what it takes to be major.” 

97. “Came from the bottom, we aim for the stars.”

98. “If you are not in your own lane, create one.” 

99. “Why accept failure when success is free?” 

100. “Watch people daily and you will see their true colors.” 

101. “Bein’ logical gave me a reason to doubt.”

102. “Sometimes the best move is no move.”

103. “I live by the 10% rule. Save one, you save a thousand.” 

104. “All things are obtained by wisdom and knowledge.” 

105. “I’m not afraid to make mistakes.” 

106. “Wise men change, fools stay the same.” 

As we all know there is no better lesson and knowledge than life gives. All these Kevin Gates quotes are extracted from the saying of his own life experience and moments. Gates is inspiring and motivating many young people with his sayings and sharing stories.