Everything about the minions is adorable. These cute minions do not possess much self-control, but their eyes are too innocent to draw the attention of any of the viewer. They at times act very insanely especially when in intense discussions with anybody.

The minions are extremely loyal, hardworking, simple, funny, impulsive with least resistance and extremely helpful creatures. Minions are pretty much what people wish they were. They remind everyone of their carefree childhood- unperturbed, happy-go-lucky and ever smiling. The minions represent traits of us, which we refer to as ideal and thus connect with them instantly. For example, They dislike being unsure of themselves, and when Gru leaves questions unanswered, they are pissed.

These Cute minions do not remind you of any other animation character. They exist as a separate entity- a loyal, well-knit bunch of oh-my-god cuteness overload whilst just appearing on screen, that makes even guys go “awww!”.

Collection of 25 Cute Minions Wallpapers

You can use these minions photos as a wallpapers for your desktop, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.